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Autogun Heroes screenshots

Warm up your fingers, because this game will demand the best from you. 

Take back the control of an alien-infested world in this next-gen, non-stop 3D shooter platformer with overloaded guns, a team of heroes and blast those aliens in the butt!

Bring your biggest gun and your A game, because the world needs heroes.. heroes like you!

In Autogun Heroes you rampage through levels and unlock new worlds. You collect new, powerful heroes in your team and select the best hero for the occasion!

Image showing features of Autogun Heroes

Overloaded guns and hundres of upgrade items to evolve your heroes.

Skill-based gameplay, enabled by finely crafted, responsive controls and juicy animations keep you engaged with non-stop action for hours.


Visually stunning, immersive gameplay that make you feel like you are actually inside the game fighting against those nasty villains!

Ever-changing levels and multiple worlds to progress and fight more epic battles in.

Unique heroes to choose from so you can adapt your gameplay in ever-challenging levels.

Tens of different enemies with different behaviours that will keep you constantly challenged as your progress further in the levels

Collage image of screenshots of Autogun Heroes

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